Robust, Reliable and Scalable Network Solutions

WatsonDownie works with developers, architects and interior designers to provide a strong network backbone within every residence. It’s designed for today’s modern family life. It’s designed to be scalable as the homeowner’s demands increase over time. 

Ethernet CableThe Ethernet network is already beginning to invade our homes. The days of a single home family computer are long gone. Your phone, your tablet, your TV, even your gaming device – the list of devices relying on your home network continues to grow. But, as the demand for sharing data increases, users are becoming increasingly frustrated with the primitive home router provided by their internet service provider.

Having a robust, reliable network which can cater for multiple users and multiple devices has become a requirement to meet the needs of everyday modern family life. 

Once in place, this standard network can be used to add additional services whenever you want, so whether that’s multi-room audio, video streaming, telephony or even surveillance, it all becomes possible with the correct network.


On-demand movies, distributed throughout the home.

Just like music, digital video is changing the way we buy and consume content. With hard drives falling in price it’s now easy to save films and pack away your DVDs and BluRays. Higher speed broadband is now making it possible to stream movies direct from the internet. So whether it’s your own movies, iPlayer or Netflix, it’s all there over the home network, accessible at the touch of a button. 


WatsonDownie can design a video solution that’s right for the family with flawless playback on a TV, tablet or projector.



Business grade telephony at home.

How we work is changing. 

More and more people are choosing to work from home but this can lead to them feeling cut off and isolated. WatsonDownie can work with your client to provide a networked telephony link between their home and office, providing them a permanent connection and saving money on bills. 

In larger homes, users can often feel frustrated with the poor range offered by traditional wireless telephones. WatsonDownie can provide full wireless telephone coverage throughout a larger property.


Smile. You’re being watched.

The network is changing the traditional world of surveillance. It’s making it simple to monitor, alert and provide remote access to any installed security cameras.

WatsonDownie can consult with the client to understand their surveillance needs and make it simple for them to use theirphone or tablet to monitor and control the system.