The download generation

It's never been easier to buy and listen to new music.
High speed internet has made it possible to download new tracks from sites like iTunes and even benefit from streaming music services such as Spotify and Last FM. 


Whilst it is now easier to collect new music, in some ways it has become harder just to simply enjoy it throughout your home. Having lots of iPod docks or listening through your computer doesn't exactly stir the emotion in your body.


Music in your home - as recorded in the studio


The majority of downloads we've been used to until now are MP3 files - these compress the original music and throw away a lot of information to make it small to download and store. Whilst this might be fine to listen to on your portable player as you pound the treadmill in the gym, when played in the home they can sound pretty flat and uninspiring.

Since broadband rates have increased and computer storage is now a fraction of the cost, there is no real reason to compress music files and degrade performance. This means that 'lossless' or 'uncompressed' music is becoming available for download which achieves the same quality as a CD.

There is however an even bigger change happening within the recording industry - to provide music which is better than CD quality as it was originally recorded in the studio - The Studio Master. This applies already to new music and over the coming year we're about to see the re-release of some iconic back catalogue albums. With the right system you have the opportunity to hear them like never before.